Spence Jr. vs Garcia

Spence Jr. vs Garcia : According to reports, both boxers could make as much as $8 million for the fight. ESPN.com wrote both fighters are contracted to earn $3 million purse with more millions expected to be earned based off PPV revenue and the ticket gate.

Considering Spence made $1.2 million for his last fight and Garcia earned $1 million for his last appearance, that’s a darn hefty raise for both men.

Spence Jr. vs Garcia ticket sales

This fight will take place in Arlington, Texas, basically in Spence’s hometown backyard. And people have bought an impressive amount of tickets.

According to Yahoo, promoter Richard Schaefer believes as many as 1 million people could buy the PPV, though other observers believe it’ll be closer to 350,000 PPV buys.

As for ticket sales, more than 35,000 had been sold by Thursday. The promoters, though, have higher hopes than that.


Spence Jr. vs Garcia odds

At one point, Spence was a sizeable favorite vs. Garcia, though the odds on his victory have shrunk. Last December, Spence was as much as a -550 favorite while Garcia was a +375 underdog. But much of the money has come in on Garcia since then, and as of Saturday evening, here were the numbers.

Mikey Garcia will get to see if he can pull off a big boxing upset against a bigger opponent. Errol Spence will get to prove that he is the best fighter on the planet. And boxing fans will get the most significant fight of 2019 on Saturday night.

Most boxing observers predict Spence will grab the win when the two meet on Fox PPV, but you shouldn’t count Garcia out of the fight. He’s one of the best boxers in the world.

“It’s pretty simple,” said Ringstar Sports promoter Richard Schaeffer. “This is the fight to see. How often do we see two undefeated world champions, two world champions in their prime, two world champions universally recognized among the top five pound-for-pound fighters in the world?”